The Micro Foodie Podcast with Shara Prophet

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Saturday May 2, 2015 @ 11AM (PST) on



"The Micro Foodie podcast is an integrated community of innovative, socially conscious, and sustainable food business owners having a candid conversation about the heart, soul, and business of food. 

This show is for every aspiring food entrepreneur who's ever had questions about starting a food business, from laws, licenses, permits, regulations, to marketing and promotions, branding, production, securing customers, and selling your product.

Each week, host and founder of The Gaia Goodness Company, Shara Prophet, goes deep into the trenches of the food world with some of the industry's leading food-based small business owners. Interviewed guests share their inspiring stories, honest opinions, insights, and advice on how to be successful in the food business while maintaining integrity."

Josh Donovan Presents "This Weekend in the 1970's"


This Weekend in the 1970s

Hosted By Josh Donovan

Saturdays & Sundays @5AM (PST)

"This Weekend in the 1970s takes you back to when AM radio was boss and Top 40 radio had a variety of music: pop, rock, R&B, disco, country, instrumentals, etc. Counting down the Top 15 from the actual charts of different local market CHR formatted stations from the Me-Decade, you'll hear songs that haven't received airplay in years. Some will experience instant recall while others will experience forgotten 45's for the first time, coupled with trivia, historical events and the weekly television theme. We'll take you through the galaxy of 8-tracks, bellbottoms, leisure suits, pet rock, lava lamps and platform shoes."


Southern Vangard Radio on SPR!

Back again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday @ 9PM (PST) on! @southernvangard #radio Ep 10 on 3/10! How's that for fancy? This episode was a little rowdy given I hit the big 3-8 on Sunday, not to mention we had just wrapped a RIDICULOUS #interview #session with @marc7j5mc of #jurassic5 - Marc has a #new #EP out TODAY #whensoundsattack GO SUPPORT! // // // #hiphop #rap #mixshow #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE

The Jazzy Music Mix

Listen to The Jazzy Music Mix hosted by Jazzy Mann live from Las Vegas! Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,  & Sunday 9AM-10AM (PST)!

New Show Alert!!!

Checkout Sublo Theory @ 12midnight pst every Saturday & Sunday and hear electro drums with plenty of bass on

The Jazzy Mann Music-Mix Sat & Sun 9AM-10AM(PST)!


The Jazzy Mann Music-Mix every Sat & Sun @ 9AM-10AM (PST)



Yamin Semali - Land of Passion

Check out the new video from Yamin Semali called Land of Passion!


Sports Corner

 Are you a sports fan? This weekend we welcome the Sports Corner to the Soul Public Radio line up. Tune in Saturday and Sunday 11AM-11:30AM and hear the play by play on all your favorite sports teams on 

Soul Public Union Event Pic!

Soul Public Union had a great success with our Back 2 School Giveaway & Poetry Event.


K-Rino spits that raw!! What do you think?

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